Parsley Chicken Filet Burger

Every time my husband spots a Mac D, he wants to have the Chicken Maharaja Mac burger. EVERY TIME.  I mean it.  He will always order one Maharaja Mac burger meal, which comes with some french fries and a glass of freshly carbonated Coke. And that is his idea of a “perfect meal”.

Very frankly, I am not and never have been fond of McDonalds. I just think it is too bland, especially for our masala-loving, fiery-hearted Indian taste buds. So I had been doing research and experimenting with different ways to make the perfect spice infused chicken filling for a wholesome burger. In some hope that Akshay (my husband) would like it at least half as much as he likes Maharaja Mac.

Chicken pieces and patties have become passé, so this time I pounded the chicken into an even 1/2 inch thick slice, marinated it and pan grilled on the tava (pan). It was deliciously moist and full of flavor.

Also this summer, we found some bright green banana peppers and used them to make the banana pepper hot sauce. It went so beautifully well with the parsley chicken, spread out on one slice of the burger bun. Then a nice thin slice of cheese with a layer of mayo on the other side of the bun. And of-course, Caramelised Onions. How could I forget them?! They took the chicken burger to a whole new level!


My husband’s grandmother had come to our house for lunch. And she is a strict vegetarian. So we also made potato and green pea patties to put in the burger instead of chicken. Hot pepper dressing and salad remained the same, and we had two different burgers at the same time.

Having fresh off-the bakery burger buns helped in getting the texture right. The burger was soft yet crisp.

Yield : 4 chicken burgers

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