Life and Fiction

Marriages and Divorces

The Baby-sitters

Mentoring : A walk to remember

Child Molestation : Be paranoid for your daughter

What if I would have failed.

A letter to the soon-to-be-born little baby

What if I were to die today? A hypothetical take on death.

Nostalgia : Memories through letters, notes and cards

Autumn Friends : for a reason, season or lifetime

Summer Vacations  and of days lived

When will you have a baby? Baby un-blues

Trying to arrange arrange-marriage

Story of a little girl

A grumpy day

Oh! multi-tasking

Fatter than before and skinnier than in future

Baby, oh baby!

Whole and soul involvement

Same Soul Many Lives

Wedding is just a beginning

Le Cordon Bleu Paris : An honest opinioin

A month in Paris and some realizations

Antiques : Treasures of life telling stories

Missing school in Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu : An introduction

The crazy to-do list girl

Working in family owned business

Paris : Research and Preparations

Different side of the cop : A darling dad

Being the daughter(in-law) of the house

50th post and being accepted in Le Cordon Bleu

The path that led to Le Cordon bleu

U-turns in life and discoveries

Ganesha festival : Memories from my childhood

Julia Child : Yum!

USofA : Vacation, learning and so many options

Father of the bride and boyfriend of the girl

One thought

  1. Hey Rutvika

    I am big fan of u r blog, the way u write that touches to heart, It’s really refreshing keep writing keep posting.



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