Recipe List

Cakes and Desserts

Birthday Celebration Cakes

Cakes with seasonal fresh fruits

Chocolate Chocolate!

Eggless Desserts

Cookies and Macarons

Loaf Cakes


Starters and Appetizers

Cookies and Crackers

Main Course

Sauces, Dips and Jams

7 thoughts

  1. Hi guys! Amazing effort!
    Why don’t you put in some simple recipes like smoothies and crushes!
    Simple and easy to make!


  2. hi rutvika, just noted your mango cheese cake recipe…will make it tmow n give you the feedback of how it turned out… son wants to eat doughnut and am hunting for a good recipe but have failed can you please assist. thanks n regards / vandana mehta


  3. Nice collection of recipes. Will try a few and post. Why don’t you plan some classes in Pune as well 🙂


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