Caramel sauce

Traditionally, we have been using some kind of a caramel sauce in all sorts of Indian sweets in some form or the other. That includes melting sugar with a drizzle of water or milk.

In this caramel sauce, the major difference is that there is no water involved at all. Hence you have to be stirring it constantly  lest it burns. Caramel is notorious for turning bitter very quickly, but being attentive in those 10 minutes while cooking , will definitely help.

Yield : 280-300 gms caramel sauce

Ingredients :

200 gms powdered sugar

90 gm butter

120 gm fresh cream

Method and directions :


Add the sugar in a thick-bottomed non-stick pan and cook till it melts, stirring continuously so that the sugar cooks evenly. (stages 1-4)

Once the sugar has reached a deep amber color (for quick reference the color of whisky), take it off the heat and add all the butter. It will foam up, so make sure you are using a pan with high side. Plus it makes it easier to mix in the butter. Stir until it is completely incorporated. (stage 5-6)

TIP : Always use room temperature butter, otherwise it doesn’t dissolve properly, leaving behind small lumps.
Next pour in the cream , a little more foaming, and whisk it in until you have a consistent sauce. (stage 7-8)

Note : Some sugar will harden and stick to the spatula. Don’t worry about it, it tastes great like a toffee. Like Alpenliebe.

Let it cool completely and then bottle it up. It stays for about a week in the refrigerator. Warm it up while using.

This caramel sauce goes very well with cakes, ice-creams or even regular bread!

Like this Apple cake with caramel sauce.

Have fun experimenting !


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