Upside down apple cake with caramel sauce

Two months back I had attended a workshop by Purple Foodie on cake baking and other teatime treats. Since then all required ingredients were sitting in the cupboard, waiting to be baked. What stopped me from making any cake was the lack of a ‘kitchen weighing scale’. Baking can be daunting when you read the recipes because all of the ingredients are always measured in grams! Duh!

But a few days back, a family friend got me this teeny weeny pocket scale which measures upto 200 gms for Rs. 300. And since then my baking expeditions started immediately since i had already collected all other stuff like cake baking aluminum pan, parchment paper, silicone spatula….

Baking a soft fluffy cake generally does require eggs. Although my mom makes a very delicious rawa (semolina) cake without eggs, it is quite dense as compared to a refined flour cake with eggs.

Most recipes call for unsalted butter which is very difficult to find here in India. So I use Amul butter in all my cakes and it turns out perfect, in-fact the slight salt content gives more depth to the flavors int he cake and caramel.

This upside down apple cake recipe has been adapted from Purple Foodie workshop guide. However, the apples can be replaced with any firm fruit like pears, pineapples, musk melon etc.

cake piece

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Caramel sauce

Traditionally, we have been using some kind of a caramel sauce in all sorts of Indian sweets in some form or the other. That includes melting sugar with a drizzle of water or milk.

In this caramel sauce, the major difference is that there is no water involved at all. Hence you have to be stirring it constantly  lest it burns. Caramel is notorious for turning bitter very quickly, but being attentive in those 10 minutes while cooking , will definitely help.

Yield : 280-300 gms caramel sauce

Ingredients :

200 gms powdered sugar

90 gm butter

120 gm fresh cream

Method and directions :


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