Roundup of 2013 @ SnD

Like every year, we had a year end get-together at our office where all our staff highlights the main events of the year gone-by. Professional and personal. When I started listing out my life in the last year in terms of events, my blog and blog related activities were the glitterati. 10 months, 60 posts, a month in Le Cordon bleu and a lot of experiments later, I feel enriched. And all set for 2014.

Quickly, I will roll out five of the most viewed and five of my personal favorite posts and recipes of 2013 :

(Click on the photo and you will be directed to the link and recipe)

Five most popular / most viewed recipes in the year :

No bake Mango CheesecakeIMG_5862

Five of my favourite recipes (other than those above) :

Multi layered ChiroteOrange cake1IMG_3492-3

My adventures in the kitchen certainly got a boost from the French patisserie course at Le Cordon bleu. The chef demonstrated at least about a 100 things, and we made about 20 traditional French pastries. Here’s a sneak peek:

Made @ Le Cordon bleu by the Chefs
Made at Le Cordon Bleu by the Chefs

I have a folder full of recipe papers, a pinterest board full of to-do items and a mind full of flavor and technique combinations to try. And with knife bruises on my fingers, oven burns on my hands and back-ache from the huddling on the kitchen counter, I am all set to embrace 2014.

And some awesome websites/ Facebook pages which have inspired me all the year round have been :

Chef At Large : A Facebook group of food enthusiasts

FoodGawker : Drool-worthy pictures and recipe links

BBC Goodfood Magazine : A monthly treasure of tested recipes

Purplefoodie : Shaheen’s blog that I always go back to for fool-proof delicacies

So that’s it for now from me and Sizzle and Drizzle. Have a great year ahead, all of you.

And let me know what your favorite food finds of the year have been. And if you are generous enough, share some treasured recipes that you and your family have loved and cherished. I promise to treat them well, and give you full credit for it πŸ™‚

Adios, love and hugs!


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