Choco Walnut Fudge cake

It was my mom’s birthday last Thursday and a long time back she had told me that she would like the Chocolaty Chocolate Cake on her birthday. So I knew I had to make something full of chocolate! And that had to be done on a weekday early in the morning before going to office.

These days I keep a diary in my bag and carry it everywhere to note down recipes. Because somewhere I see something I like and then when I try to find it back, I can’t! It becomes very irritating. Sometime back I had noted down this chocolate walnut cake recipe. It looked so good, oozing with chocolate to the core.

And dear god, it was one of the best cakes I had ever eaten. The baked goodness of molten chocolate and toasted walnuts. And hardly any flour. Just as much to hold all of it together. Since all the chocolate in here is from real chocolate chunks and no cocoa powder it has an intense flavor, more like a fudge baked in a cake.

And it is unbelievably quick. No sifting. Just mix together the flour and baking powder and melt the butter and chocolate chunks . Whisk the eggs and combine all of it together! Bake. It’s that simple. Plus it can also be doubled or halved easily. Go on, try it..

Choc walnut cake

Choco Walnut Fudge cake

Serves 8. Preparation time: 20 mins  Baking time : 30 mins

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